RUNNING for weight loss: workout & meal plans App Reviews

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Like the app

The only thing that i dont appreciate about this app is the tech support. I sent an email to their tech support literally 5 hours ago and havent heard anything back. Improve the response time and ill give the app the full 5 stars.

Great app!

Im in my 30s and while fit, not a runner. This is the perfect app to slowly build my running endurance and strength.

Get it

Love the app it helps me stay on target with my running goals. I used to be a cross country runner in high school and college. I havent ran in 5 years so this app really helps me get back into a good routine. The only down side is I wish the upgrades were free... I would definitely recommend this app to others who struggle with running.

Running with the kids(20 somethings)

This app is really a great tool for keeping me motivated while running to keep me in condition to run w my adult kids. I really do wish that it was easy to start it again. I havent run for a while and would like to start at the beginning again, but am struggling to get it to do that. Any suggestions?

Great app

I love this app! The music keeps me motivated and the workouts are just right- not impossible, but a good challenge. I highly recommend this app!

Beginner Runner!

I STILL cant believe that I purchased this app! EVEN better...I cant believe that Im doing it!! I hate hate hate running! Did I say that I hate running?!? Buttttt I feel better after the "beginner" workout is over with! The music choices are reallyyyyyy gooodddd!!! Id probably not do it if the music werent so good. I think Im getting better though, and Im moving from "I hate running" to "running is not so bad" But I dont Love week is week 3 for me....eeeekkk


You will thank yourself daily for getting this app. Its crazy how it makes you look forward to running every day!

Keeps me motivated

Im a beginner runner and am enjoying using this app. I use the free version and it provides everything I need in terms of a workout plan. Sometimes I feel like the workouts are progressing a little too quickly for me, but I can always go back and to previous workouts, which I like. Havent tried the music/tempo options but after reading other reviews I should try that out. Overall, its a great, free, basic running app.

I like it a lot lot!

I like the music and the transitions between running and walking, because Im a newbie. It syncs well with my other health apps

Water reminder

I love it and how it reminds me to drink water all day. Working on a 5/10k now!

Res rock

Very singular app , u can get the real benefit ♥️

This app is the best

While Im at work I lose track of time and this app helps me stay on track with drinking plenty of water my little motivation

Love Love Love it!!!

Awesome app for trying to stay in shape!!


I have tried several running apps and this is by far the worse. Youll be tricked into the "free week" of Pro by upgrading. The problem with that is you get charged the $9.99 right away, not a week later. So if you dont like it, you have to pay $9.99 to find out. Save your money and go with a different running app - there are a ton of couch-to-5K type apps out there that are better.

Recommend this app for anyone!

I NEVER write nor review apps but I was so happy with this app I felt I should share my experience. I did running for weight loss for my weight loss program. I lost 28 pounds in the 8 weeks. I did stick with the program from start to finish. I was not always able to complete the daily running recommendation to a t but if I felt exhausted I would simple slow down to a walk. Dont feel that you have to do everything it says during the daily exercise. Just push on and you will see success! I paid extra to unlock the extra feature of this app and I feel it was money well spent!

New to running

As a child I was always the one to finish last which did not help with my confidence on school relay races. Last 2 years I have been working on my mobility and strengthening my legs after being hospitalized for a month. I have a problem with rating apps that dont give you a chance to really use the app before trying to access it. I hope this app works for me.

Love the free version of the app!

When I finish it, Ill purchase the paid version. I only wish I could shuffle the songs on my iTunes directly in the running app as part of the settings. No biggie though. Its still an awesome app!

This app is really awesome

My dad and I both use this app and it has helped us both get into shape. I thought it would be really difficult but it has helped me a lot with my endurance and speed.

Greatness starts here

It is a great app for a running regiment and to build strength.

The watch app

Pretty decent app but the watch app doesnt utilize the heart rate sensor! I dont mind running with my phone but I would love to see how hard Im working. Please fix this and Im in as a premium user!

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