Weight Loss RUNNING App Reviews

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The best application. Very easily to run and very effective!

Raja Ali

It is something amazing and hard but useful. A great motivational app for running lovers and weight loss!

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Easy to use even the free version

The update amazing

The recent update is amazing! Menu plans for each day better gps and log views like in the Nike training app! Music mixes of course still a plus! The programs have gotten more accurate! I used to find them all too easy or similar but now there are difference between all of them and they feel as they should. Another favourite is def the full what to drink and eat on the day to include the recipes and snacks etc but do wish then would have vegan or at least vegetarian options. Only issue for me is the non vegan/veggie meal plans. Maybe in the future... I wasnt going to resubscribe for the next year but now I am this update puts this app at the top for me. But do please come back with more options for meals!!!

Amazing app

Thats a really good app for running. Im enjoying to run. And its motivation.

Love it!

Love this app! Super helpful! Makes reaching your goals easier. Ads are annoying but you get quite a lot from the free version.

Good way to ease you in.

This was a great app to help me to begin running. I was very scared to get started, but using this app made it easy.

Just WOW!!

Ive been following the program for a week now and Im totally in love!! What a great app!!

Love it!

Really helps when your starting back up with running! Great pace!


Great app! Love the reminders to drink water

Good app for making treadmill runs less torturous

Great for indoor runs (which I hate). Would be better if notifications were auditory when phone screen was locked. Maybe it does but I havent figured it out. Also it skips days, if it was 3 days since my last run then it skips those days, wish it wouldnt because most ppl dont run every day. Im enjoying it tho!

I love this app

Amazing, they tell me when I should drink water. Ive cut out all other beverages and drink mainly water only exception is for my daily greens it helps boost my energy without caffeine.

Great app

Amazing experience for someone who had never run.

Helpful and easy to follow

I like how this app is structured its super easy to follow and actually motivates me to run

Great app!

Wonderful training levels, I keep coming back to this app!

It does help

I have been using this app for about two months now, and it does help. I am not a runner at all, and this has helped me slowly get into it, it does push you and keeps it interesting since the intervals are different so you dont get bored. I does not give you a full meal plan per se, but does have good recipes. The music is good too but have to pay for that. Overall I would recommend it to those looking to improve their fitness, it is a great app!


Love this app !! It help me a lot


I am an extreme beginner when it comes to running and this app is definitely helping me out, cant wait to see results!


I really love this app

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